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Cash Register Operations

Cashiers and cash register support staff are the last people customers interact with before leaving the store, so be sure to give them a pleasant experience. Since we started introducing self-checkout at our stores, our staff have provided assistance to people using self-checkout devices for the first time, those who do not understand how to operate the devices, and other such customers.

Important Points

  • Be aware of people around you at all times
  • Pay attention to customers' facial expressions and body language
  • Serve customers with consideration for their individual needs
  • Give them a pleasant experience so they want to visit GU again

Fitting Room Support

You will help customers who want to try on clothing in the fitting rooms. Customers are often nervous about whether certain items look good on them. That is why it is important to provide support and make them feel comfortable when they come to try on clothes. You may be asked to check sizes and sometimes help customers coordinate their overall outfits or put on certain clothing properly.

Important Points

  • Learn about our products
  • Approach customers rather than waiting for them to approach you
  • Pay attention to the individual needs and requests of each customer

Product Organization

Your task is to ensure the store looks its best at all times, enabling customers to easily locate and pick out the clothing they want. Even folding of clothes is important in conveying the advantages and appeal of GU's products.

Important Points

  • Always try to view things from the customer's perspective
  • Learn the time it takes to fold each item and how it should look once folded
  • Fully understand the standards established by GU

Product Display Arrangement

This involves arrangement of product displays so that customers find them easy to browse and navigate. It is important to polish these skills so that the attractive qualities of GU's products come across to customers.

Important Points

  • Fully understand the basics of arranging product displays
  • Know the specific characteristics of each product type
  • Strive to quickly and neatly fold all products

Q & A


QAre there any rules regarding dress during the interview?
AAlthough applicants are free to dress as they like, we ask that they refrain from wearing excessively revealing clothing. Also note that there is no need to wear GU clothing during the interview.
QWhat will the interview be like?
A It will last about 30 minutes and be held at the store where you applied. Interviews are held one-on-one with the store manager.
QWhat kind of questions will be asked?
A You will be asked why you chose to apply at GU, and also about past experiences (school events/clubs, projects at former workplaces, etc.) in which you performed well in a team.
QDo I need to bring anything with me to the interview?
ABring one copy of your resume with a photograph attached.
QCan I come by car to the interview location?
AYes. However, there may not be any customer parking spots available at the time of your interview. Please discuss parking with the store when scheduling your interview. During interviews, we will talk with each interviewee about how he or she will commute in the case of successful employment.
QHow will the interview process proceed?
AAfter you apply, you will be contacted in advance regarding the interview date and time. Following the initial interview, applicants will be narrowed down at GU, with some applicants being accepted and others not.
QWhen are applicants contacted regarding acceptance/non-acceptance?
ARegardless of acceptance or non-acceptance, we usually contact applicants within one week's time. *For applicants we do not hire, notification will be made by postal mail.

Dress and Grooming During Work Hours

QWhat type of clothing will be worn during work hours?
AIn most cases, we have our staff wear GU clothing available at their store. However, employees may wear non-GU shoes, accessories and so forth. *We generally only require employees to wear GU-brand tops and bottoms. *For early-morning shifts and stock work, no GU clothing is required.
QRoughly how many articles of clothing will I need to buy for work each month?

There is no specified amount. Employees can save money by mixing and matching to make different outfits. Because only GU tops and bottoms are required, general costs will be as follows (based on December 2016 prices).

Wide-ribbed V-neck sweater (top): \990 Regular-fit chino pants (bottom): \1,990
Crewneck sweater (top): \990 Easy-fit jogging pants (bottom): \1,990

*Prices shown are those prior to employee discount Because one pair of pants can be used with different tops, employees often purchase multiple tops to create varied outfits.

QIs nail decoration/art allowed?
AIt is allowed in most cases. However, we prohibit long nails and excessive decoration/ornamentation (including sculptured and similar nails), as these may damage products and/or harm customers.
QAre beards and mustaches allowed?
AAs a general rule, beards and mustaches are prohibited.

Employment Requirements

QWhat is the minimum employment age?
AWe accept applications of age 18 or older. (However, we do not hire high school students.)
QDo you hire homemakers?
AYes, many of our employees are homemakers. Feel free to apply!
QCan I apply even if I have no experience in the field?
AYes, you may apply. We often employ applicants with no experience in the sales or apparel fields. In fact, we offer in-store training at GU stores so new hires can learn starting from the basics. You can learn about GU products only after joining our company.
QCan I work part-time at GU and another company at the same time?
AYes. No special procedures or application is necessary.

Wages and Benefits

QHow much is the typical monthly pay at GU?
AWages vary by employment conditions, and employees who work hard have opportunities for advancement. Example 1: \900 hourly wage, two 6-hour shifts per week ⇒ 900 × 2 × 6 × 4.3 = approx. \46,440 per month Example 2: \950 hourly wage, three 6-hour shifts per week ⇒ 950 × 3 × 6 × 4.3 = approx. \73,530 per month
QWhen is payday?
AThe current month's wages are calculated at the end of the month and paid on the 10th of the following month. *If the 10th is a weekend or national holiday, payment will be made on the day preceding the weekend/holiday.
QDo you offer an employee discount?
AYes. Employees enjoy a 30% discount.
QDo you pay transportation/commuting costs?
ATransportation/commuting expenses are included as part of your monthly salary. As a general rule, we do not pay specific employee transportation/commuting costs. However, certain GU stores do pay these costs.
QHow often are employees given raises?
AEmployees are given salary increases and promotion opportunities once every three months. If you give it your best, you can advance!
QCan employees enroll in social insurance plans?
ASpecific requirements exist based on the number of work days, work hours and other factors for unemployment and social insurance enrollment. Employees will be enrolled if they fulfill these requirements.
QIs employee training provided?
AYes, we train our employees. New hires are trained starting from the basics, which include GU's corporate philosophy, job-related skills and more. Training starts with memorizing customer greetings and other basic skills, so even inexperienced employees will feel comfortable with their new job from day one.
QDo you impose sales quotas?
ANo, we do not impose sales quotas for individual staff members. Sales targets are established for each store location, but all employees work together as a team to achieve these. Individual employees who make particularly major contributions toward sales goals are specially rewarded.
QDo you have a predetermined retirement age?
AYes, age 65.

Shifts and Days Off

QWhat types of shifts are available?
AShifts vary according to individual store hours. Employees can choose between early or late time blocks and adjust work schedules according to their personal lifestyle needs. Example: choose three 4-hour shifts per week from either early (8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.) or late (11:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.) time blocks.
QCan employees take days off?
AEmployees make shift requests on a weekly and monthly basis. To request a day off, apply when submitting your shift request.
QHow are shift assignments decided?
ARules vary by store, but in most cases employees first submit monthly shift requests. After the manager decides initial monthly shift assignments, final shift assignments are determined each week for the following work week. Final weekly shift assignments are decided every Friday, so shift changes are possible on a weekly basis.

Career Advancement Following Employment

QIs it possible for part-time employees to become full-time employees?
ATests are offered twice per year for employees who wish to advance from part-time to full-time positions. Employees who pass this test will become full-time employees.
QWhat does the full-time employees advancement test entail?
AEmployees whose regular work performance and evaluations from other staff meet prescribed criteria are given interview-style tests.